Fit Face is a face workout studio located in Bandra, Mumbai. 

At Fit Face, we follow the similar concept of a gym but for your face! We perform the warmup, workout & cool down routine in order to train the 40+ muscles of our face to achieve healthier looking & feeling skin.

Our range of services include workouts using our Facial Tools using various techniques designed to Sculpt, Lift & Tones your Face.

  • Classic

    Our classic massage is designed for those that are always in a rush or busy but never want to miss their workout. 

    This workout works best for those who love a instant pre event skin prep to look their best.

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  • Sculpt & Glow

    Who doesn’t love a sculpted and glowing face?

    This one’s for you if you’re looking for contoured cheekbones, defined jawline and a natural glow. Experience 40 minutes of sculpting thats definitely leaving you with a visibly lifted look.

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  • Detox

    It’s time to kiss your puffiness goodbye!

    Experience the power of lymphatic drainage

    with our detox workout. Immensely works on draining toxins, stimulating blood circulation and releasing tensions. 

    Perfect for those with that show signs of bloating, puffiness and water retention.

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  • Train and tone

    A complete blown out workout designed to train and tone those muscles

    It focuses on deep tissues and training your facial muscles just like you would for your body. Works best for those developing signs of ageing and are looking for a lifted and toned face naturally.

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